The ambitious fully-animated film saw the complete conception, design and delivery of over 50 shots in just six weeks. Framestore oversaw everything from the concept and creation of all of the shots, casting, recording the voiceover to commissioning the film’s original music from Grand Central.

‘The design of the film was centred around creating interesting visual metaphors for the explanations that are shared by the voiceover. We used the script to conceptualise ideas for each section and plotted these all out before starting the animation,’ said Stephen Goalby, the film’s Director. ‘This was a challenging job but I’m really pleased with how well it came out and how quickly and efficiently the team worked.’

Everything in the film has been designed within QuantumBlack’s brand guidelines and includes many design elements that feature the 60-degree angles that make up the data firm’s logo. This meant that everything the production team created not only looked good but was recognisable as a QuantumBlack asset.  

The film was used to promote QuantumBlack’s XAI work across multiple platforms including online, at events and across all of its marketing channels.