'AI is a thrilling new technology. We wanted to transform the vast and often intimidating concept of AI into visual communications that show it’s natural and organic place in the world.’

Anthony Gibbs - Design Director

Working with ad agency Doremus, Framestore helped explain the complexities of data management through a progression of data points. The narrative drives the story whilst not over complicating the films with data-heavy terminology. The natural relationship between the script and visuals emphasises that Intel’s management of data is making business areas more efficient.  

'‘We developed a visual language between the three films, whilst differentiating the stories depending on their business category and nuances within the script.'

Anthony Gibbs - Design Director

Gibbs continues on the project, 'Framestore had a great creative partnership, collaborating across the script and visuals as to how they best complement each other.’ 

The animations were created using a mix of Houdini & After Effects, to generate beautiful flocking simulations, and slick motion design which flowed with the VO. Framestore also produced the music and sound design.