How do you recreate Swarovski's iconic and immaculate jewellery at many times their normal size, so that a fairy sized Hadid can explore the wonders inside every box? This was the unique challenge set to the Framestore team. 

The answer was to create photo realistic oversized jewellery of Swarovski’s most popular and elegant items in full photoreal CG. The project was led by Framestore VFX Supervisor Alan Woods who explained: "Recreating the complexity of Swarovski crystals in CG proved to be very challenging as there is a distinct sparkle and elegance to them which was difficult to capture in render. We used light dispersion and subtle shader tweaks to be as accurate as possible". 

The campaign was produced using the Framestore film pipeline which allowed the team to utilise the lighting and rendering tools available there. Alan added: "We leveraged the power of Framestore's proprietary suite of tools - including  renderer "Freak" and shaders to really push the CG jewellery as close to the real thing as possible". 

Framestore was responsible for on set supervision, asset builds matching to physical jewellery, all VFX, stills, CG assets and final flame mastering. 

The distinct grade was by Colourist Yoomin Lee at Framestore’s sister company, Company3. 

The campaign covers TV, social media and stills.