Polygon Exclusive

Friday 4 August 2023

For the third and final time, James Gunn has worked closely with Framestore to bring the character of Groot - and his dance skills in particular - to life in the final instalment of Guardians of the Galaxy. In keeping with tradition, the writer-director provided the studio with a videoed dance performance as a general visual reference (albeit one full of spirit and a sense of fun which the animators worked hard to capture). From there Groot was entirely hand-animated, adapting Gunn's performance to the weight and proportions of the character, as well as the effects that his composition of organic materials would have on the way he moves. Another achievement from the Guardian's third instalment was Framestore's redesigning of Rocket Racoon to capture him at different life stages. By experimenting with various physicalities and ways of expressing emotion, an adolescent Rocket was created with the sense of naivety and friendliness of a younger self, whilst still being reminiscent of the hardened character that has become so familiar. 

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