Working with creative agency iris, Design Director Stephen Goalby led the team in interpreting the storyboarded narrative, drawing on Framestore’s weighty expertise in CGI to create a clean, hyper-realistic world. Both camera and product move continuously throughout the pieces, with clever cuts, time re-mapping, lighting and focus pulls ensuring the illusion of a single fluid shot throughout. The products themselves - recreated entirely in CG, and lit with realistic, naturally soft lighting - come into focus in macro shots, working to showcase both the forms and high quality materials of the tablets for a discerning creative crowd.

Stephen integrated a thread of soft light trails in the work, as a visual representation of human touch and the Wacom’s ability to seamlessly translate drawing to digital. Built into the 3D animation by the artists rather than added as a post effect, the trails add to the overall realism, providing true-to-life reflection and refraction, illumination and motion blur. Designer David Lochhead worked to dissect and animate the artwork provided by Wacom, adding a splash of colour to the closing credits.

Wacom Intuos Pro art
Wacom Intuos Pro pen

The resulting films, which will promote the latest product models online, proved once again Framestore’s ability to flex and adapt its pipeline to the creative criteria of the job in hand.