Framestore was on hand to add the magical 3D and animated elements. The 3D printing process used two separate materials across the spots - one smooth plastic, another rougher and sandier in texture - and care was taken to keep the character on each, to maintain the charm of traditional stop-motion techniques.

Using cleaned-up CAD data Framestore integrated CG products throughout; with the set pieces measuring just 15cm or so in width and depth, using real product was simply out of the question. Each film acts to highlight the shiny new features of the Lenovo lines, from the hinge of the laptop to the tablet’s inbuilt projector.

Said VFX Supervisor Richard Coley of the work, ‘Working with Blink and MullenLowe on this series of films for Lenovo was a real pleasure - their craft and process were spot-on. Once we worked through the first spot and got used to the level of detail needed on each and every frame, we really got into the swing of things, and the films came out beautifully’.