“We're really excited for this next iteration of where Car Fox can take CARFAX. He's out in the real world, bonding with consumers over their anxieties about buying used cars,” said Ben West, Framestore Director and Creative Director. “This new campaign gave us the opportunity to completely redesign Car Fox, with improvements in fur, dynamics and animation that bring him to life in a whole new way. The tongue-in-cheek feel of the spots and the deft animation make him incredibly likeable and engaging. We're really proud of the results.”

Car Fox’s new look gives him a softer, more approachable appearance. The team explored a number of designs and concepts before building a new model, which was further refined and reshaped throughout the creation process. Having worked on Car Fox’s previous design, the team had a strong foundation to work from, allowing them to focus on key characteristics and details. ​

The designers were able to collaborate with the live action production team, which ensured that Car Fox was created to seamlessly fit into any scenario. The team could plan for the various physical environments and lighting setups of the shoot, as well as the increased focus on characteristics, such as his paws, so that no detail felt out of place.

In addition to his silhouette, Framestore worked on retexturing the fur using our in-house tools to create a softer groom with more subtle shifts in colour. Car Fox’s wardrobe also received an update to ensure his clothing moved more naturally and delivered a sophisticated execution. ​

Framestore has always been known for its character work, and central to this reputation is the dedication to creating engaging characters with strong personalities. Cultivating long-term relationships with clients such as CARFAX, and working closely with Car Fox for many years allowed Framestore to maintain the authenticity and heart of the character, whilst easily implementing new techniques developed in-house. The familiarity with Car Fox not only benefited the process of redesigning his image, but also allowed Ben and the Framestore Pictures team to keep the integrity of his unique personality across the live action campaign.